From humble beginnings in 2003, we have completed more than thousands of installations based nationwide. Backed by our professional expertise manpower, SIGMA believes our existence will keep growing by leaps and bounds.Our customer ranging from Government Agencies, private Sector, Small Medium Enterprise (SME), Education institution and etc., customers is our number one priority and we definitely will give the best breed of technology to all our customers.With a good track record, it proves our existence and presence in the market is strong enough and comparable with other well established company. Hence, this is our past project summary completed.

Over 60% projects in the past 10 years are related to “Supply and Maintenance in ICT, network and etc.

SIGMA has an extensive experience in the area of networking. We have more than 10 thousand of active and passive equipments nationwide including handling switch, server, router, firewall, cabling, configuration and etc.

Training and Consultancy is one of our expertises. We focuse on Industrial training especially on ICT area. SIGMA believe this knowledge sharing will create an educated nation which runs parallel with 

Malaysian’s Vision 2020; build a knowledge economy (K-Economy).

With good support and synergy from our business partners and team members in every department, all projects were successfully completed. We believe Sigma Rectrix Systems (M) Sdn Bhd will keep growing and sustain in the market.